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DIWO|FC operates in central London, west to east in different gyms & studios, and can also come to your desired location for personal training sessions

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What's diwo fc?

DIWO|FC offers Street-Lifting and Strength & Conditioning, was founded by Matt Diwo, a street lifting (weighted calisthenics) athlete and coach with many years of experience in the fitness industry, working with leading fitness gyms and studios across London. 


DIWO|FC is a community that promotes Street-Lifting & Calisthenics,  upcoming sports which set one apart, dense muscle, lean physique,  pure body strength and skills for life. 


At DIWO|FC, I believe no one should feel lost or even terrified to hit the gym and practise any sort of movement. Street lifting isn’t for everyone, however Boxing, Strength & Conditioning are training I aim to enable to all ages, genders and sizes to feel confident enough with their own training/steeping inside a gym. 


My main goal, besides get you where you want to be, is to educate you on your training, nutrition but beyond all, your mindset. 


Challenging training sessions led by an experienced training and athlete, bespoke and progressive programming, enjoyable space, respect and good vibes, I believe I will enjoy be part of the team, feel proud of your achievement, no matter how far along you are from a top striker status. 

& Here's what people say...

’NO LONG TALKS, let's go’

Set goals, pick a gameplan & let's get you off the bench

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